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VIS Nigeria takes the lead as an ECommerce website design company in Nigeria. Electronic commerce or eCommerce, also known as internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of products or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

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Our B2B agency provides flexibility to set different prices on different products. From start-ups to multinationals, we’ve taken companies from zero to nine-figure e-commerce turnover. Achievement of this kind of phenomenal growth requires stunningly beautiful and usable websites – and that is what we work with our clients to deliver.

In addition, our B2B set allows easy set up and integration of world top payment and shipping methods. Also, our Ecommerce website set up makes it smooth and easy for customers to make payments via debit, credit cards or bank transfer.

Our B2B set allows easy set up and integration of world top payment and shipping methods.

Precision in tracking and Processing orders

Our marketplace is set up in a way that our client can easily track order and returns. Furthermore, this allows precision in  tracking and process orders through one centralised multichannel order management system. This unique capability makes your online store/market palce safe with VIS Nigeria, the top  ecommerce website design company in Nigeria.

Integration of multi-payment solutions

At VIS Nigeria, we don’t just stop at making your presence known by managing your product design, details and images properly. We make transaction easy by availing multiple payment solutions by client’s customers.

  • EWallet

  • Bank Transfer

  • Debit Cards

  • Cash on Delivery

ECommerce Website Design: Delivery/Shipping Options

Whether customers are far or near, our  e-commerce website provides options on how they can get their orders. As the best Ecommerce website design company in Nigeria, VIS Nigeria has integrated various delivery/shipping options such as:

  • Pick-up-in-store
  • Weight-based shipping
  • Courier Delivery
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